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Apply for a Session with Dominatrix Angelina the New Way.

With many newbies apply every day to explore their BDSM & Submissive sides. I get so many request that it becomes impossible to respond to all. Many time the basic etiquettes are followed by the Slaves who apply but a lot of times it is not.

So I thought why not define the New Way of getting in touch with me in a more clear way to make the chances of our meeting more likely.

Remember I am busy and not available for free chatting. A lot of times many Slave applicants assume and this is a fatal mistake that they make in either getting ignored or mostly blocked. I am not your Wife or Girl friend or someone you know well to start a personal conversation. You have searched the Internet to fulfil your fantasies and after a lot of search selected to share the same and explore the same with me. So be specific to what you want this meeting to be all about. Both of us need to be prepared for this interaction and Remember I need more time and effort to be prepared for this meeting.

BDSM & Serving a Mistress is something that does not start with a causal interaction. I am not someone out there acting or doing a role play. My character is dominant and I like that you respect that and adhere to the way I prefer interacting with you. Specially if this is your first time with me.

In order to be considered please make sure you follow these basic rules.

Rule 1: NO CALLS

Rule 2: Get in touch with me via E-mail: or via WhatsApp : + 33638897685

Rule 3: Check Which Country/City I am. If I am in Dubai then don’t contact me if you are in Berlin for example. Unless you are traveling to Dubai during those dates. Also please check my Travel Calendar which is always upto date.

Rule 4: No “Hi” or “How are you” or Where are you?” kind of questions which breaks the rule of Serious conversation or application.

Rule 5: Remember I am a “High Class” & “Elegant Lady” whose time and rules need to be respected. Otherwise you are not someone who is ready for this experience and will be blocked immediately.

Rule 6: Provide me the below details without fail. I need all the information.

Details For Application

  1. Name, Age & Nationality
  2. Names & Contacts details of Mistress previously seen.
  3. Session Interests.
  4. Date & Length of Session and where are you currently e.g. Dubai, Singapore etc. (Application from my current present location will be reverted so don’t write to me if you Dubai and I am in Singapore unless you are visiting Singapore)
  5. Where did you see my Advert?
  6. WhatsApp Contact Number if applying via Email.

Rule 7: A lot of you applying to me for the 1st time may have seen other Mistress. If you provide a reference it speeds things up in me considering you for a session. But in case you are a Novice and applying for the 1st time be ready to pass my screening or make a small deposit to show that you are serious.

I have 2 Payment gateway options available .

  1. CentroBill
  2. CCBill


Both are discrete and the best that the industry has to offer. So your payment is absolutely safe. Stop to ask that stupid question  “Is the payment gateway safe or not”. I am probably the only Mistress out there who has 2 options setup with a lot of effort to make applying to me as easy as possible provided my Rules are followed.

Rule 8: If in doubt of how to apply. Just read the above rules and you are fine. Break them and be blocked or ignored. The call is yours. I have a lot of Stable slaves seeing me all the time so you need to prove to me why I should consider you to be that lucky one to be added to my list. 

Hope this guide has made things simple and more clear.


Looking forward to seeing new applications as desired by me. To apply please visit and for Prepayment visit


Love Mistress Angelina


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