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The confused mind

A lot of Slaves who wish to submit to me are very confused on what they should expect and how to go about applying for a session. While this is no rocket science sometime the simplest of things are the most difficult. So here I am going to explain the basic ground rules to make life easy for both of us.

Escort Service is often confused with Fetish Escort or BDSM Service or Sensual Domination. The two are completely different. If you desire Escort services than I am absolutely the wrong Mistress you are getting in touch with. But if you desire something out of the ordinary, something that you have been dreaming off or a fantasy or fetish that has been holding you from experience pleasure or pain in completely new ways than you are at the right place.

Rules of Submission

Preparing your Body & Mind

Before you decide to apply. Please make sure you are clear on what is that you desire. Asking me what I can is not going to help us making the session memorable for you. But instead not allow me to better understand what I need to be prepared with and what are your desires and boundaries.

Applying for a Session

Use the session application form to get in touch with me or write to me on WhatsApp. Once I have accepted your application which means we have agreed on the rates and the method of Payment. You are all set to see me on the desired date & time. I am probably a few of those Mistress who accept Online Payment also. I have done this specially since it is the easiest way to show your commitment and allows me to be 100% sure you will turn up for the session. Contact me via email or Whatsapp to get details about how to make a Online Payment.

Meeting for the Session

The day has arrived and you are all excited. But remember to reconfirm our time. It could happen that there may be a change from your end or my end. While generally there is no change from my end. I understand that you could be pulled into something else and may have to reschedule. If you have paid a deposit or have been seeing me before than that is easy but if not I will not see you next time unless you pay a deposit. Why I say this is remember, while you have said what you desire in the session. For you it might seem a simple request but for me it is a lot of preparation both Physically & Mentally. I have to make sure that I am prepared for the session and your Mistress is always. So she can fulfil those Dreams & Desires Pleasure & Pain for which you have come to her.

A lot of energy exchange happens during a session and both of us go through this exchange to create an experience that we both desire. So please respect my time and inform me if there is change. You would do this with your important people you meet in your life. I am equally or more important person you are meeting in your life anyways.

Post Session

Tell me how it was. What was your experience. If you liked it give me a nice Review. It just takes a few seconds but I would really appreciate the same. After the first session most want to come back again. So coming back again does not mean the rules have changed. Please follow the same rules again to apply. I have many priorities in life and hence don’t expect me to be available all of a sudden just because you have seen me the first time.


I hope this small little guidance has been of help to you to apply for a session with me. You can apply for  a session by going to the Contact Me page. Or by filling the Contact Form below.


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