Difference between a Fetish Escort, Escort and Dominatrix

My profession can be confusing to a lot who are not sure what I do and what I don’t do. So, I thought why ink down my POV to clear the air. In my profession, I get a lot of requests some usual and some unusual but none of them surprise me as I keep getting many of these all the time. While do cater to these requests there is a boundary that I do not cross and that is the boundary of a regular Escort or GFE which is something more common on many sites and many others offer....Read More

My WhatsApp Dilemma

I have been stationed in Paris for sometime now. Enjoying the changing weather as it gets warmer. I have some how been someone who has always liked the Warm weather and so always preferred being in Asian countries most of the time. But my love for Paris is for what the City has to offer and so I end up spending most of my time here. Over the last few days I have been wondering about my WhatsApp number and the number of messages I get on a daily basis and wondering what I should do about this number. My...Read More

Meeting in the Virtual World

Skype Sessions A lot of the times meeting in Skin can be an issue due to many reasons. Most of the times it is because of the distance or just being shy. For a lot of Slaves it is also about experiencing their Mistress before in Virtual world before they submit to her in the real world. With Technology and Skype this has today become a big reality. While there are many online site that offer Live Cam. What you get there is a half experience since they is no prior established communication and you are being charged by the...Read More

Preparing for a BDSM Session My POV

Preparing for a BDSM Session Once I accept an application from a potential slave who wants to submit for a session. While the job from the Slave's end is complete my clock start. My aim is to make every session memorable and these are not just words for me. For me memorable is when the Slave coming for the session feels it was worth the time and effort for him as it was for me preparing the session for him. Remember most of the times people who come to see me are just normal people or every successful individuals who...Read More

Applying for a Session

The confused mind A lot of Slaves who wish to submit to me are very confused on what they should expect and how to go about applying for a session. While this is no rocket science sometime the simplest of things are the most difficult. So here I am going to explain the basic ground rules to make life easy for both of us. Escort Service is often confused with Fetish Escort or BDSM Service or Sensual Domination. The two are completely different. If you desire Escort services than I am absolutely the wrong Mistress you are getting in touch...Read More

Exploring the Kinky Side of BDSM & Bondage

Exploring the Kinky Art of Bondage   Kinky. The word alone either conjures up images of leather-clad women, brandishing whips and prancing around in dimly lit dungeons, or the gimp in the Tarantino flick Pulp Fiction. But, most of all, it makes one wonder, “why would anybody want to go through all that trouble?” It’s true that men are simple creatures. Most of the time, we know what we think we’d like, and we like what we know…most of the time. Besides, what’s wrong with a good ol’ fashioned horizontal bop session. But, that doesn’t mean men don’t fancy a...Read More

Session Review Form

Thank you for Rating your session with Mistress Angelina( Famous Paris Mistress who also does sessions in Dubai) on the below criteria. Mistress Paris really appreciates your feedback and rating. [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM] To apply Please visit my Session application page: https://mistress-angelina.com/