The New Way

[caption id="attachment_2239" align="aligncenter" width="188"] Apply for a Session with Dominatrix Angelina the New Way.[/caption] With many newbies apply every day to explore their BDSM & Submissive sides. I get so many request that it becomes impossible to respond to all. Many time the basic etiquettes are followed by the Slaves who apply but a lot of times it is not. So I thought why not define the New Way of getting in touch with me in a more clear way to make the chances of our meeting more likely. Remember I am busy and not available for free chatting. A...Read More

My WhatsApp Dilemma

I have been stationed in Paris for sometime now. Enjoying the changing weather as it gets warmer. I have some how been someone who has always liked the Warm weather and so always preferred being in Asian countries most of the time. But my love for Paris is for what the City has to offer and so I end up spending most of my time here. Over the last few days I have been wondering about my WhatsApp number and the number of messages I get on a daily basis and wondering what I should do about this number. My...Read More

Meeting in the Virtual World

Skype Sessions A lot of the times meeting in Skin can be an issue due to many reasons. Most of the times it is because of the distance or just being shy. For a lot of Slaves it is also about experiencing their Mistress before in Virtual world before they submit to her in the real world. With Technology and Skype this has today become a big reality. While there are many online site that offer Live Cam. What you get there is a half experience since they is no prior established communication and you are being charged by the...Read More