My WhatsApp Dilemma

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I have been stationed in Paris for sometime now. Enjoying the changing weather as it gets warmer. I have some how been someone who has always liked the Warm weather and so always preferred being in Asian countries most of the time. But my love for Paris is for what the City has to offer and so I end up spending most of my time here.

Over the last few days I have been wondering about my WhatsApp number and the number of messages I get on a daily basis and wondering what I should do about this number. My biggest concern is that I get asked the same question over a 100 times even though my website says what my interest are and where I am at the moment.

So i thought I should clarify this a little and its been a long time since I blogged so I got down to writing this one.

My site is the best place to know what I do and what I don’t and where I am at the moment. My request to all those who want to meet me and specially to the First timers please don’t assume I am sitting there waiting for you to write to me on WhatsApp so that I can respond immediately. I have a very busy schedule and hardly get time to look at my WhatsApp and so if you write to me there I am assuming you are very serious about meet and I end up looking at what you have communicated and when I see that is just one of the questions that is already answered on my site. It does not give me a good impression of who you are. I am Mistress and Fetish Escort who people desire to meet and I am not going out there looking for Slaves or Submissive but rather you are coming to me for what you don’t get in your world. So please respect that and don’t make a fool of yourself to either be ignored or get blocked for wasting my time.


What you desire is best communicated via email or via Contact Page since I have a record of the same and it makes our future interactions more clear. Imagine I start writing to you randomly and keep disturbing you just because I have you number. I am sure you get the point.

I am attaching the form once again in this Blog so after you have read this one you will follow the same. Please remember my WhatsApp number is out there for emergency which is you are in Paris and you want to see me today and are ready to submit and want to make sure you are able to reach me to confirm if our meeting is possible. Otherwise email and form are the best way to communicate.

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