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A lot of the times meeting in Skin can be an issue due to many reasons. Most of the times it is because of the distance or just being shy. For a lot of Slaves it is also about experiencing their Mistress before in Virtual world before they submit to her in the real world. With Technology and Skype this has today become a big reality. While there are many online site that offer Live Cam. What you get there is a half experience since they is no prior established communication and you are being charged by the second which makes the experience not what one desires from such Virtual interactions.

I myself have been pondering over this for sometime and finally decided to take the plunge of offer Skype Session. But at the same time this is an decision I will make purely based on how comfortable I feel about it. So write to me before we discuss more about it.

For me this is not about interacting just once and be done with. But about establishing a relationship that meets the purpose of BDSM, Domination or any other agreed experience that needs to received in a way to bring maximum excitement while still being via Webcam.

Skype session for me also makes great sense for a travel applicant who is traveling to see me  before we meet in Skin. Skype session allows for some initial experience to be established which makes the In Skin experience even better since we would have seen each other before hand and expectation is set for me to create those Dreams and Experience that I promise in every session in Skin.

At the moment I am offering 2 options.

  1. 15 Minutes Skype Session
  2. 30 Minutes Skype Session

While one can choose either of these to start with I recommend the 30 Minutes session because one can be more creative during this time and make the experience memorable.

Here are some basic rules for apply for a Skype Session.

  1. Pay first before you ask for my Skype Id
  2. My Skype Id is not for future chatting or session unless not paid again. Remember I don’t have time for free interaction. For me time is precious and I want you to respect that like I will not ping you once we are done with the Session
  3. If you have an expectation in the Session please be specific so I can be prepared
  4. I have great Internet connection so please make sure you are having a good connection yourself. Because I will not accept this as an excuse for additional time or any other request.


As for deposits. One can pay online via a Secure payment gateway from Stripe to reserve their time for the same.


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